Total Water (L)
243 Buckets of water
Total Calories (cal)
39 days a kid can be fed
Total Food Wasted (g)
18 Kg wasted in a year
Total CO₂ (g)
3 Saplings to be planted
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Restaurant Food Name Water Calories CO₂ Date
Hide Out CafeMilkshake with chocolate2458310828-12-19 11:15 AM
VNIT CanteenSambar Wada49301112-12-19 1:04 AM
Hide Out CafeMilkshake with chocolate00005-12-19 12:49 AM
VNIT CanteenMilk59395702-12-19 6:12 PM
Shiv SagarMilk00001-12-19 11:47 AM
VNIT CanteenUttapam00025-11-19 4:56 PM
Shiv SagarAloo paratha00023-11-19 4:51 PM
Hide Out CafePaneer Noodles00021-11-19 8:36 PM
Shiv SagarShahi Paneer00018-11-19 4:21 PM
Hide Out CafeBlack Coffee110018-11-19 1:39 PM
OthersAloo paratha6034818-11-19 1:39 PM
VNIT CanteenCold coffee00017-11-19 10:02 PM
VNIT CanteenPineapple Juice188726216-11-19 6:54 PM
Oriental SpiceBlack Coffee00016-11-19 1:35 AM
Hide Out CafeBlack Coffee00015-11-19 4:02 PM
VNIT CanteenMilk00014-11-19 4:53 PM
Hide Out CafeMilkshake with chocolate00014-11-19 4:53 PM
Shiv SagarMilk00014-11-19 4:52 PM
VNIT CanteenMilk26172514-11-19 4:52 PM
Hide Out CafeChicken manchurian00014-11-19 1:12 PM
OthersPaneer Noodles2111836714-11-19 12:15 PM
Shiv SagarButter naan00014-11-19 12:10 PM
VNIT CanteenLemonade00014-11-19 10:57 AM
VNIT CanteenHot Coffee00014-11-19 10:44 AM
Shiv SagarBlack Tea00014-11-19 7:18 AM
Hide Out CafeBlack Coffee00013-11-19 11:50 PM
VNIT CanteenPanner Maggie00013-11-19 11:50 PM
VNIT CanteenBlack Tea00013-11-19 11:30 PM
VNIT CanteenSoft Drink00013-11-19 10:26 PM
VNIT CanteenPanner Maggie2051787913-11-19 10:18 PM
Hide Out CafeBlack Coffee00013-11-19 8:03 PM
Hide Out CafeBlack Coffee00013-11-19 8:03 PM
Hide Out CafeBlack Coffee00013-11-19 8:03 PM
Hide Out CafeBlack Coffee00013-11-19 8:03 PM
Hide Out CafeBlack Coffee00013-11-19 8:03 PM
Shiv SagarRoti00013-11-19 8:03 PM
Hide Out CafeBlack Coffee00013-11-19 8:02 PM
Oriental SpiceCold coffee00013-11-19 6:25 PM
Oriental SpiceBlack Coffee00013-11-19 6:24 PM
Hide Out CafeHot Coffee with cream00013-11-19 6:21 PM
VNIT CanteenMilk00013-11-19 6:20 PM
Hide Out CafeLemonade00013-11-19 6:19 PM
VNIT CanteenUttapam00013-11-19 3:18 PM
VNIT CanteenMilk51033649613-11-19 3:17 PM
VNIT CanteenMilk00013-11-19 3:00 PM
Shiv SagarMilk00013-11-19 2:37 PM
Hide Out CafeVeg Manchurian3519613-11-19 2:19 PM
Shiv SagarBlack Coffee00013-11-19 2:12 PM
VNIT CanteenMilk00013-11-19 11:46 AM
VNIT CanteenMasala Dosa48321113-11-19 9:02 AM
VNIT CanteenApple Juice00013-11-19 4:20 AM
Shiv SagarJeera rice00012-11-19 11:43 PM
Hide Out CafeChilly paneer00012-11-19 7:14 PM
Shiv SagarBlack Coffee00012-11-19 6:52 PM
OthersChicken manchow soup00012-11-19 10:38 AM
Hide Out CafeHot Coffee with cream00012-11-19 10:37 AM
Oriental SpiceBlack Coffee00012-11-19 10:36 AM
Oriental SpiceVeg Noodles61321905-11-19 8:24 PM
Shiv SagarShahi Paneer3281434205-11-19 8:23 PM
Shiv SagarButter Roti37481205-11-19 8:23 PM
Shiv SagarMilk00005-11-19 8:03 PM
Hide Out CafeBlack Coffee140105-11-19 5:07 PM
Hide Out CafeDryfruit Milkshake00004-11-19 8:52 AM
VNIT CanteenVeg Noodles189603-11-19 10:37 PM
Shiv SagarAloo paratha121681601-11-19 11:52 AM
Shiv SagarPaneer Paratha00031-10-19 10:55 AM
Hide Out CafePineapple Juice00019-10-19 6:53 PM
Hide Out CafeChicken Noodles89731553011-07-19 11:41 PM
Hide Out CafeBlack Coffee00013-06-19 8:25 PM
Hide Out CafeLemonade00028-05-19 9:55 PM
Hide Out CafeBlack Coffee00028-05-19 9:55 PM
VNIT CanteenIdli Sambhar00028-05-19 9:55 PM
VNIT CanteenMasala Dosa00028-05-19 9:55 PM
VNIT CanteenPaneer Paratha00027-05-19 11:43 PM
VNIT CanteenMilk00026-05-19 9:16 PM
Shiv SagarGobhi Paratha00025-05-19 5:48 PM
VNIT CanteenPaneer Paratha00025-05-19 5:48 PM
VNIT CanteenVeg Manchurian00025-05-19 10:06 AM
Hide Out CafePaneer Noodles00023-05-19 4:51 PM
Oriental SpiceChicken Noodles00023-05-19 4:51 PM
VNIT CanteenMilk00023-05-19 2:32 AM
VNIT CanteenMilk00022-05-19 9:34 PM
Hide Out CafeBlack Coffee00022-05-19 9:34 PM
Hide Out CafeMilkshake with chocolate49016521622-05-19 5:11 PM
Hide Out CafeBlack Coffee632322-05-19 2:45 PM
VNIT CanteenBlack Coffee00022-05-19 10:05 AM
Hide Out CafeBlack Coffee00022-05-19 9:30 AM
Hide Out CafeBlack Coffee351222-05-19 8:52 AM
Hide Out CafeSoft Drink508632422-05-19 8:50 AM
Hide Out CafeBlack Coffee00022-05-19 8:50 AM
OthersRoti917321-05-19 9:29 PM
VNIT CanteenVada Pav861152221-05-19 9:27 PM
VNIT CanteenSoft Drink00021-05-19 8:11 PM
VNIT CanteenUttapam59221021-05-19 7:10 PM
VNIT CanteenPlain Dosa38151621-05-19 12:04 PM
VNIT CanteenChicken Noodles00021-05-19 10:48 AM
VNIT CanteenMasala Maggie00019-05-19 11:47 AM
VNIT Canteenchicken Biryani00015-05-19 5:14 PM
Hide Out CafeBlack Coffee140101-04-19 11:47 AM
Shiv SagarHot Coffee00025-03-19 4:02 PM
Shiv SagarJeera rice101389024-03-19 11:01 PM
Hide Out CafeVirgin Mojito00002-03-19 5:08 PM
Hide Out CafePaneer Noodles70612227-02-19 12:00 AM
Hide Out CafeBlack Coffee211125-02-19 8:43 PM
Hide Out CafeBlack Coffee140125-02-19 8:43 PM
Shiv SagarVeg Biryani88275325-02-19 8:38 PM
Hide Out CafePaneer Noodles1411224525-02-19 5:08 AM
Hide Out CafeVirgin Mojito8192425-02-19 2:43 AM
Oriental SpiceChicken Noodles90325325-02-19 2:03 AM
Shiv SagarSoft Drink254316225-02-19 1:44 AM
Oriental SpiceHot Coffee2439020025-02-19 1:11 AM
Shiv SagarMix Paratha4817725-02-19 1:10 AM
Hide Out CafeChicken Pizza92707425-02-19 12:57 AM
Hide Out CafeChicken Pizza92707425-02-19 12:53 AM
Hide Out CafeChicken Pizza92707425-02-19 12:52 AM
Hide Out CafeApple Juice2975624-02-19 10:16 PM
Hide Out CafeChilly paneer4671815024-02-19 7:56 AM
OthersHot Coffee with cream14626022-02-19 1:33 AM
VNIT CanteenCheese Maggie14111825322-02-19 1:17 AM
Hide Out CafeBlack Tea40030025819-02-19 7:05 AM
Hide Out CafeBlack Coffee504025119-02-19 6:58 AM
Hide Out CafeBlack Coffee1008025119-02-19 6:50 AM
Hide Out CafeBlack Coffee18014425219-02-19 6:48 AM
Hide Out CafeBlack Coffee23018425219-02-19 4:08 AM
Shiv SagarApple Juice1513525318-02-19 6:30 AM
Shiv SagarApple Juice1513525318-02-19 6:28 AM
Shiv SagarApple Juice1513525318-02-19 6:11 AM
Hide Out CafeBlack Coffee1008025118-02-19 6:06 AM
Shiv SagarVirgin Mojito9925018-02-19 4:50 AM
Shiv SagarApple Juice4540525918-02-19 3:23 AM
Hide Out CafeBlack Tea40030025809-02-19 2:49 AM
Shiv SagarApple Juice109025208-02-19 7:29 PM
Shiv SagarApple Juice109025208-02-19 7:26 PM
Shiv SagarApple Juice109025208-02-19 7:18 PM
Hide Out CafeBlack Coffee19015225208-02-19 7:17 PM
Hide Out CafeBlack Coffee18014425208-02-19 5:37 AM
Hide Out CafeBlack Coffee15012025207-02-19 4:49 PM
Hide Out CafeBlack Tea806025207-02-19 4:49 PM
Hide Out CafeBlack Coffee1008025104-02-19 4:03 AM
Hide Out CafeBlack Coffee1008025104-02-19 3:59 AM
Hide Out CafeBlack Coffee1008025104-02-19 3:57 AM
Hide Out CafeBlack Coffee40032025404-02-19 3:56 AM
Hide Out CafeBlack Coffee1008025102-02-19 8:41 AM
Shiv SagarApple Juice1925002-02-19 6:27 AM
Hide Out CafeBlack Tea8625002-02-19 6:26 AM
Hide Out CafeBlack Coffee1008025102-02-19 6:24 AM
Hide Out CafeBlack Coffee1008025102-02-19 6:02 AM
Hide Out CafeBlack Coffee1008025102-02-19 6:01 AM
Hide Out CafeBlack Coffee1008025102-02-19 6:00 AM